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Feng Shui placed in study tables and chairs

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[Guide] Study table and chair placement Feng Shui knowledge Color matching should not be too high Window light placement

The most important furniture in the study room is the desk, desk, and chair. If you want users to have a comfortable study and office environment, the color, size, and size of these furniture are extremely important. At the same time, it involves problems such as study chairs, feng shui, and study desks. So, what are the feng shui considerations of the study table and chair placement? What should be paid attention to in the study table and chair placement? The following editor will introduce the feng shui study of the study table and chair placement.

Match the color of the chair with the desk

Among the many furniture in the study, the chair is the most in contact with people. If the chair is uncomfortable, it will inevitably affect the user's creation. How can the chair be more comfortable to use? Here mainly involves the color matching with the desk and style. Integration.

Not too high

The most taboo for people is that the height of the study furniture is too high, which blocks good luck outside, and if the desk is too high, it can easily cause a sense of oppression, which will cause people to lose their concentration and greatly reduce the efficiency of learning and work. . In addition, if the desk is too high, there is such a point in the study feng shui that the desk and the beam will collide with each other. This will not only bring good luck, but also affect people's health. Make people suffer from depression.

Avoid facing windows

The design of the study window is very particular. This is directly linked to the study of Feng Shui. The study desk enables people to read and write, and to use it for office work. If the desk and the window are facing each other, it will definitely affect everyone's aura. These talents were lost directly through the window. Even if Feng Shui is left aside, as far as the environment is concerned, the desk is directly facing the window, people are easily distracted by the scenery outside the window, and it is difficult to concentrate on studying. This has a particularly serious impact on those who need to study with peace of mind.

4. Avoid locations where the light is too strong

As we all know, if the desk is directly with the sun, then the damage to the eyes is very large, so we must avoid this situation. In the study room, natural light may be used for lighting during the daytime, but at night, it is necessary to rely on the indoor light effect. The indoor light in the study room cannot be concentrated too much and it must be dispersed. The light source should preferably come in from the side of the desk, so as to protect the eyes easily.

Don't put it under the beam

Placing the desk under the beam will make people sitting at the desk feel a sense of oppression, uncomfortable mood, and unfavorable for learning.

6. Don't face the kitchen and bathroom

The desk should not be placed facing the master room or bathroom wall, nor should it be placed against the bathroom wall or facing the kitchen. Because if the dirty and humid air of the bathroom goes straight to the person who concentrates on reading, it will inevitably affect the mood and health.

Don't put it by the door

Placing the table near the door or too close to the door, noise outside the door and snooping by others can be distracting.

Avoid placing in the aisle window

The window is also a mouthpiece of the house, and it will also bring angry and discordant air, especially the window that opens to the outdoor sidewalk, it will incorporate more discordant air, which does not have a good impact on learning.

9, avoid reading book seats back door

That is, a person sits behind the door, the door is a breath, which is included in the anger, but also the turbidity. When the person sits behind the door, there is no support behind the seat, and it is empty. , Will also make people feel cold chills.

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